Stage Mums

Stage Mums is a comedy web series written and created by Anna. The main characters, Shaz and Trace are a couple of Aussie Mums played by Anna and Tara Page.  Shaz and Trace's daughters are talented performers and all their Mums want is for their kids to be the best. Follow their journey as they negotiate eisteddfods, social media, dodgy casting sites and arch rivals in the performance world.

Stage Mums is now streaming on Seeka TV.

Written and created by Anna Waters-Massey

Shaz - Anna Waters-Massey

Trace - Tara Page

Filmed and edited by Stephen Massey

Produced by Sundayarvo Productions  

                               Stage Mums- How To With Shaz & Trace

                                               Shaz and Trace Season 1

Shaz and Trace Season 2


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